Out of 4 Devices, 1 is unreachable/ can ping in only one direction

Hello, i’m new to Zerotier, so sorry if this has been before, I couldn’t find a solution.

I’ve setup a zerotier network consisting of 4 Devices (2 windows, 2 linux). The devices are deployed in 3 different phisical locations so they are connected to internet through 3 different networks. WindowsDevice1 has Network1, WindowsDevice2 has Network2 and the 2 Linux are on Network3.

From the first WindowsDevice1 I can ping all the other, with the ip provided in Zerotier. All the other devices can ping eachother, except for WindowsDevice1 which can’t be pinged by any. However, in https://my.zerotier.com/ it appears online, so it should be reachable.
On WindowsDevice1 I’m using BitDefender antivirus. I’ve checked and it has allow rules for zerotier.

I’m not sure how can I make WindowsDevice1 pingable.

Thank you for your time!

thanks for writing. It’s hard to guess. Some common issues are talked about here

I understand, thank you for the reply.

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