Paid customer - where in this forum to post for priority support

i am paid for priority support.
where should i post here in the forum?

if i post in the community section, do i still get priority support?

When you log into Central and you’re a paid customer, there’s a little widget in the bottom right corner of the screen. That’s for the paid support queue.

maybe there is delay, as i submitted my credit card, but have not gotten a confirmation email.

there is no widget in the bottom right corner.

on the bottom left is the announce widget

in the bottom middle is Feedback

i logged out and logged in again, still no widget in bottom right corner.

Perhaps you have an ad and/or content blocker that’s blocking it. I assure you it’s there & exists.

i use firefox and the default blocker.
firefox says there is nothing to block.
but if i disable the blocker, still no widget.
i logged out and logged back in, still no widget

and for what it worth, what does an ad-blocker have to with a widget for paid support.
please, how else can i access paid support, what is the weblink address?

the widget does not show for
if i goto, only then do i get the widget.
then if i go back to, i see the widget.
if i refresh, the widget disappears

would be much better to get paid support inside the forum, not that widget thing?