Parallels Guest OS webserver not accessible from other ZT clients outside local network

I have a MAC connected to ZT, I have a guest OS Ubuntu running on this MAC and it is connected to the same network as the MAC host OS.
The Ubuntu VM has a webserver installed and I would like to connect to it from others on the same ZT network.
I can connect to the Ubuntu server with it’s internal IP from any other system on the local network.
The Ubuntu OS is setup with bridged network and has its own local and ZT IP.
Any help would be appreciated.

Can you access the other ZT hosts from the Ubuntu VM? Do you have a firewall enabled on the Ubuntu VM, and if so, have you allowed the proper ingress exceptions on it?

Yes to accessing local IPs on my network.
No firewalls yet

No, I am asking if your Ubuntu VM can access other ZeroTier hosts (by using their ZeroTier assigned IP address, not local IPs on your network).

Either way, I am assuming you are using VirtualBox, VMWare Workstation, Parallel, or something similar. You are better off not having a bridged network, but having the guest OS (Ubuntu VM) having their own. Otherwise you are complicating things by adding an extra NAT layer.

It will not go out and connect to other ZT ips.
My VM has it’s own IP on the local network.
You are saying I should change to shared, where it will share the same IP and the host OS?
I use Parallels and the host OS is a MAC.

Is ZeroTier installed on the VM?

Yes and it is showing in the ZT console online

Apologies, bridged network is fine.

I assume you have restarted the Ubuntu VM, as part of the troubleshooting, correct?

Yes, I believe my issue is that the 2 IPs are on the same hardware.
The host OS also has a webserver installed and I can get to it through ZT with no issues.
I need to know how to route requests from ZT clients to the guest VM webserver.

No… This configuration works fine. It’s the same configuration I use on my MacBook for VMs. My only guess is perhaps a firewall/iptables issue blocking things on your Ubuntu VM.

You don’t need to “route” anything to the Ubuntu VM if it’s running ZeroTier. Just use it’s assigned ZeroTier IP address.

Firewall is off… Checking Parallels settings for the NIC now.

Yup, software firewalls. It shows that it’s online.
I still cannot connect. I’m using my iPhone that is not on the local LAN.

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