PC listening on original IP & ZeroTier IP?

Forgive the newbie questions below:

I use 4G Mobile broadband at home and have recently switched to Vodafone UK which uses CGNAT which means I can no longer use Port Forwarding in my router to access a server running on my LAN while I am away from home.

So I’m trying ZeroTier to get around this issue.

The server is a Windows11 PC running ‘Home Assistant’ in a VirtualBox VM on port 8123.

I’ve installed ZeroTier on the Win11 PC & on my phone and I’ve created a ZeroTier network on 192.168.192.x

So I can browse to when I’m away from home and this works pretty well.

However, when I’m at home and my phone is connected on my LAN, I can’t browse to the PCs original IP address of This is because ZeroTier is left running on the PC and presumably means network connections to the original can’t be made.

Q. How do I configure ZeroTier so that connections on both the original IP ( and the ZeroTier IP ( will both work?

IPCONFIG shows both physical & ZeroTier network adapters are configured okay.

Q. On Windows11 I have to switch off the ‘Public’ firewall to get ZeroTier to work. Even if I create incoming FW rules for all ports etc, it still won’t work. But if I just switch off the FW on the PC, it works fine.

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