Peer2peer between 2 teltonika rut 955

i have a prolem with 2 router teltonika rut955.
I need to use the peer to peer function of 2 moxas using port 9020, one moxa is connected via LAN ( on a router teltonika rut955 ( the other is the same.
I forwarded the port 80 for the web interface of the moxa and i can access the moxa. Right now i’m trying the same, adding up a forward of the port 9020.

moxa1( → router1(>ZeroTier (10.147.17.A:9020) → ZeroTier (10.147.17.B:9020)->router2(>moxa2( i can’t understand why it isn’t working.

What is the “peer to peer function”? Do the moxas expect to be on the same subnet?

it’s used to perform remote operations, for example with a digital input on one side, i energize the output on the other.
like in this video: moxa peer to peer - YouTube
If the 2 moxa are in the same subnet (obviously with different IP) it works, but using the router is different, so i forwarded the ports on ZeroTier.

I think I understand. I’m not sure port forwarding is the best solution.

You should use unique subnets behind each router.

moxa1( → router1 ( → zerotier-network → router2( → moxa2(

Then in you can add managed routes
[] via 10.147.17.A
[] via 10.147.17.B

Then there is probably some routing settings in teltonika to do, but I don’t know the specifics of teltonika management. I’m sure there are tutorials online.

This routing setup will let devices on physical LAN A and physical LAN B talk to each other.

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