Pihole + Zerotier - all news apps are not working

I followed this guide to setup pihole+zeroTier and using an Android phone/app.

I was able to see in https://my.zerotier.com/network/ that my android phone connected and the pihole is also connected.
My goal was to leverage these benefits:

  • Zerotier works even on your personal network so you won’t have to change your DNS settings nor connect to your VPN every time you leave your house.
  • You can still use the existing Internet connection that you are using outside of your house instead of routing your current Internet connection trough your home network like you would with PiVPN and thus losing some bandwidth if your home connection is not powerful enough.
  • You don’t need to set up a dynamic DNS nor having a static IP nor configuring the port forwarding because Zerotier will do all the job for you to automatically setup the best configuration according to your network.

When I connect to Zerotier on my android phone and I open news apps, they all fail to load with network connection issues.
When I disconnected zerotier, they work fine.

What logs should I provide to solve this problem?

Can you link to the guide?


I Believe the tutorial he used was this:

Hard to say, but one guess is: make sure you have ipv6 dns set up too. You can just enable RFC4193 addresses on your network if you don’t already have some ipv6 stuff set up.

restart your pi-hole?

Yes, I was using the guide @digixltd provided.

I don’t use IPv6 at all. It is disabled on my router.

This only happens on your android device? Does it happen both on wifi and mobile data?

it happened on both.
but now it seems to be working.
I can only describe it as if it took some time for zerotier to “wake up” and get things working.
for example, I’m trying to get int ipleak.net but the site doesn’t load ONLY when I’m connected to zerotier.

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