Ping and ssh the zerotier device failed by using Zerotier assigned ip

I am seting up a linux device, have installed zerotier and been able to monitor it on zerotier platform:
Issue: when I ssh or ping the zerotier assigned ip, it prompts timeout, however when I ping or ssh the physical internal IP, it works normally.
Some trials:

  1. sudo zerotier-cli status: returns normally (200 info aa2d***** 1.10.2 ONLINE)
  2. sudo zerotier-cli listnetworks:
    Any tips to solve this issue? thanks a lot…

Your instance of zerotier isn’t joined to a network, and there’s no members joined to any of your networks on that start with aa2d.

To join a network:

sudo zerotier-cli join $network_id

Once joined, authorize the network member. Only then will it be assigned an IP and configure the interface for use on a zerotier network.

Hi zt-grant, thanks for your reply, I did join my network, and I can always check the device status which states “Online” as below,

but just can not ping or ssh the ip above.

Your screenshot above shows no networks listed when you did zerotier-cli listnetworks. That means that node isn’t connected to any networks.

but I can see the node on Zerotier platform (“ONLINE”), does it mean the the inbound firewall configration of my node not correct? Any idea to config that?

If zerotier-cli listnetworks reports no networks joined, there are no networks joined.

Did you clone this machine from a disk image that already had a zerotier identity on it? If so, another machine may have the same identity. If multiple nodes have the same identity then I wouldn’t expect any of them to work since zerotier won’t know which one to talk to.

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