Plagued by the "can't ping node" problem, running 1.8.10 on booth nodes

Sooo… I was getting the same old problem of not being able to ping between 2 nodes, one in canada and another in Brazil.

It gets even weirder because in Canada, there’s 2 different computer running zerotier on the same zerotier network as the Brazil node.

1 of the Canada nodes could connect just fine to the Brazil node, but not the other, and vice versa.

No matter of what I (creating a local.config file to setup secondary and tertiary fixed ports and opening then up in the router on booth Canada and Brazil sites, deleted the files in peers.d on all nodes, upgraded to the latest, restarted zerotier over and over), that Canada node would not connect to the Brazil node, no matter what.

After almost giving up, I’ve decided to change the problematic canada node IP address on the network web interface (added and removed from that node) and BOOOOM!!! The problematic Canada node was finally pinging the Brazil node again!!!

Sooooooo… the conclusion is: If someone runs into this weird “can’t ping node” problem like I just did on the 03/jun/2022, it seems changing the ZEROTIER NETWORK IP address of one of the nodes fixes the problem!!

I hope this helps anyone else out there, and hopefully gives some tips to the zerotier developers on how to actually fix the “can’t ping node” problem that still happens on 03/jun/2022.


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