Please,help me!Question about zerotier

Because of work needs, I set up a NAS platform in my home and company. The company’s is Bai Qunhui, which has a dynamic public IP; the home is Black Qunhui, which does not have a dynamic public IP. For the convenience of management, I used the Zreotier One solution to perform intranet penetration for these two NAS. Now I have a puzzling problem: I am at home, and I access the company’s NAS through zerotier’s vpn, and the upload speed is about 4M-10M. When I visit the NAS at home in the company, the upload speed can be about 4M-10M. This speed has basically ran up to the bandwidth of zreotier one. This means that the configurations on both NAS and network are normal. But on a property project of my company, the upload speed of accessing the NAS at home through zerotier’s vpn is also 4M-10M, while the upload speed of the company’s NAS from the same place is only tens of K. This situation is very unsolvable. Because the speed is normal when accessing the NAS at home, it means that the network in my area is completely normal. But access to the company’s NAS is always slow and unstable. Now that the network and NAS configuration on both sides of me are normal, and the network that can work on the project is also normal, what is the problem? I can’t figure it out. If there is a great god who can give me an answer, or if there is a way to solve it, then I will kneel down and thank you! The home nas allocated by Zerotier is The company nas is


So on the “property project” what sort of connection do you have? The only thing that I can think of is that you’ve got NAT at work, and NAT at the property project and that is preventing ZT from forming a direct connection, when that happens ZT will relay and that is usually slow and unreliable.

Give this document a read and if that doesn’t help we can try to think of other options:

Hi, I am glad to see the answer you provided. But this does not explain my problem.
If the company network is restricted due to NAT. So why is it normal for me to access the company’s NAS at my home?

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