Pointing Smart TV traffic to remote Zerotier Device

Hi, I believe I want to do some bridging, here’s what I want to achieve.

I have a raspberry pi at my home, and one at my dads property where I’m running tvheadend to essentially allow me to watch Live TV remotely, all is working well, only there is no zerotier client for my smart tv so I’m unable to get the streams on there.

Is there any way, I can use my Raspberry Pi on premise as a “Zerotier Gateway” that points received local traffic to my Pi running tvheadend off premise.

Ideally, telling my TV client the server IP address is my local Pi, and my local Pi forwarding all that data to the other remote one and vice versa, is this possible?

I have a spare USB 3.0 to ethernet I could hook up to said local Pi to get another dedicated LAN IP for use solely as a gateway if it would make things simpler.

I’m pretty new to this, I’ve heard of the zerotier gateway project but do not really have the knowledge to interpret it.

Many thanks in advance.

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