Port exhaustion issues with Kopia.io

I’m having an issue between Zerotier and Kopia.io. Kopia is a nice backup solution that im using to backup locally and to a relative’s house using a zerotier network (him behind cgnat, im not).

Without Zerotier, Kopia works fine backing up locally or over the internet to other repositories, with Zerotier, after a day or two, i can’t browse websites and i noticed using netstat that Kopia established thousands of TCP connections.

The issue is described here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/windows-client/networking/tcp-ip-port-exhaustion-troubleshooting

netstat -b results:
TCP mycomputername:49218 ESTABLISHED
TCP mycomputername:49219 ESTABLISHED
TCP mycomputername:49220 ESTABLISHED
and thousands and hundreds more…

Network goes back to normal right after closing Kopia or disconnecting Zerotier. Is there something within Zerotier i could change to help with that? I tried posting in Kopia support forum also but got no comments.

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