Portable usb option and new user

Hello all. I just discovered this piece of software today. I have been using hamachi for a while now and i am somewhat impressed with it but i thought i would venture out and try something new.

So far i have my laptop at work and my home pc in the same 172.x.x.x network and pings work. So im happy about this. Hopefully i will have my test servers up and running soon

this leads me to the next question. Im not sure how zerotier operates, but can it be installed on a USB drive so i can use it on PCs where i can not install software, such as my schools library PC? This way i have access to my engineering files etc


Unfortunately, no. It requires driver installation and administrator access to change network settings on a computer.

That was my guess. Pretty much all “vpn” type services require that. Oh well. It would be different if my isp didnt charge me money to unblock port forwarding. Drives me nuts that my isp blocks all port forwards unless i pay them a fee each month to not.

ok, so i assume that now that i can communicate between the two hosts, i can set up a ssh server and it should be able to work as long as all my hosts are inthe same zero tier lan

Yes, you should be able to do that just fine.

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oh, before i forget, can android devices such as my phone and tablet use zerotier and connect to my network?


I’m using ZT on mobile phone and it works very well.

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