PPPoE session renew on OpenWrt router - Zt doesnt reconnect

One of my ISPs uses PPPoE. Every time a session is renewed (every 4 days) Zerotier wont reconnect on a OpenWrt router.

Version 1.12.1 - the latest available through the curl install method for Linux.

I have found only one other mention of this happening, other than seemingly similar issues with failover.

I have two other routers in different locations, neither ISP on those uses PPPoE and there have never been any issues.

Is the only realistic solution to have some sort of cron job that will restart the service/reboot the device periodically? Or its cousin a smart plug that will reboot the damned thing on demand?

I do not want to have a ssh port open on the router. I want Zerotier to give me access without doing so.

I think this question is more suitable for OpenWrt forum.
In short: I would use a hotplug script to restart ZT interface when WAN interface goes up.

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Figured it out, thanks, yours is a good solution.

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