Premium support

I plan to include zerotier in all my OPNSense installations.
I have HA active passive setup in all my customers.
I plan to sell new services based on zerotier.

So I have asked questions about zerotier and HA in forums but nobody replied.
I cannot sell new services without a real support from Zerotier so please tell me if you provide or will provide support.


We do offer support to paying customers. Basic details are shown on our pricing page: Pricing – ZeroTier

If you’re not a paying customer, you’re limited to community support such as this message board & github issues. I’d also invite you to peruse our license: LICENSE.txt(

That being said, I’ll have one of our sales people contact you shortly given your interest in reselling ZeroTier service.

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Ok so I buy one month of service then I start to ask questions?

No need to buy a plan to ask questions. As Grant mentioned we’ll have a sales rep reach out to you early next week. Is the email address associated with this account the best to reach you?