Prevent accidents from breaking things: Confirm when changing IP range

When scrolling through the Network page to for example authorize a user, you scroll past

Settings - Advanced - IPv4 Auto-Assign

If you happen to accidentally press a different IP address range for example because you are on a device with touchscreen or with touchpad, it changes the IP, which can seriously break other things using the ZeroTier IP addresses ‘hardcoded’.

Almost all other settings have a “submit” confirmation button that needs to be clicked before the updated setting goes through, yet this one doesn’t. It’s quite easy for this to happen, and quite annoying to diagnose.

The proposed solution would be to also have to confirm this setting change before it goes active.

Thanks! More things need a confirmation. Accidentally changing a member name is annoying when you use the names as DNS names for another example.

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Exactly. And these are probably just the things we happened to encounter and had to spend debugging.