Preventing Zerotier Network Connection from Registering with On-Premise Windows DNS Server

Recently, I set up a Zerotier network connection on my Windows machine which is part of an on-premise network managed by a Windows DNS Server. The system is automatically registering the IP address assigned by Zerotier to the DNS server, causing some conflicts and inconsistencies in the DNS resolutions.

I’m seeking advice on how to prevent this automatic registration of the Zerotier network connection’s IP in the DNS server. Ideally, I would like the DNS server to only recognize and register the primary network connection’s IP.

I’m fairly new to managing DNS entries and network interfaces and would appreciate any help or pointers in the right direction. Thank you in advance for your assistance and time.

Note: Modifying the network connection and deselecting “Register this connection’s addresses in DNS” achieves my goal. However, each time ZeroTier resets the connection, this setting is overridden. I need a permanent solution for this.

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