Pricing Update Nodes

so there is the new pricing Update and my question is:

Does the 50 Nodes in the basic variant count as 50 devices that are connected at the same time or are the nodes counted as 50 devices that ever connected to any network?

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It’s 50 authorized members. Are you bumping up against that?

Given that I’ve got 75 authorised in just 1 of our 3 networks, how do I know which ZT is letting through, and which are being rejected?

Presumably, it won’t let me authorise any more devices onto the network now?

We’re not enforcing that on your account yet, but encourage you to sign up!

We’d never turn off a working member or network, especially without excessively communicating first.

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So authorized means if the network is public than every member that ever was connected to this network counts as one member in your pricing? Or only the members that currently online?

I’m also struggling to understand licensing.

I’m have my own controller and onsite relays.

Are plan limits only for my.zerotier networks ?
Do nodes using my controller count against the plan ?

It seems logical that the plans are for nodes managed by MyZerotier, but I haven’t found information in community, knowledgebase or the ZT documentation.

Thanks for your assistance !

Yes. The pricing is for

The controller/client/moon software is open source (BSL). Some use-cases may fall under commercial licensing though!

Good question! There are still some edge cases around public networks to work out.