Problem installing ZT with DietPi OS

So I had previously installed ZT as a bridge on a Raspi 3 A+ using a standard Raspian light (Buster) version and the install was flawless. After Bullseye came out, and I had been playing around with DietPi, I decided to redo my ZT bridge on DietPi (Bullseye version). so anyway, long story short… when I get to he installation part where you remove all the “existing network stuff”, it locks up and stops at 19%. I redid the installation several times, and each time it stopped at 19% of the removal after issuing this command:
sudo apt remove --purge --auto-remove dhcpcd5 fake-hwclock ifupdown isc-dhcp-client isc-dhcp-common openresolv

So after the several tries with each one being done to a clean 16GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSDHC card, where each one locked up at the same point, and reboots of the Raspi would not load anything, I redid a clean install and omitted the removal step and the installation was able to complete, with all the necessary configuration completed to where the bridge does now work.

So here is the issue… with those packages (dhcpcd5 fake-hwclock ifupdown isc-dhcp-client isc-dhcp-common openresolv) still installed and not removed… will they cause a conflict of some sort? I have had it running for a few days now, I have not run into any visible issues. but I am really a Linux newb.

Is there an already known issue that I am not aware of with ZT on DietPi?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom.

No idea about the potential for conflict… but did you try removing the packages one at a time to see which one was actually causing the system to hang? That might be informative in its own right.

No, I had not tried an individual removal since I had wanted to get it back up and running. Seeing as each time it failed it broke the image and I had to restart from scratch.
It has been running fine since then with the packages left installed.
I was hoping someone who knows what they are doing would try a basic DietPi install and add ZeroTier.

I recently got some more uSD cards, I can probably clone the existing image to one than do the one by one removals and still have my original working version to go back to without having to start over from scratch when it fails.

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