Problems connecting

I created a network for my friends and I to play among us local because the servers are awfully full. I connected all the devices to ZeroTier and try to open the local but we couldn’t see each other’s game room. All the devices were connected and running.
We have iOS 14.0.1 iOS 13.5.1
iOS 13.6.1

Did you check on the administration page of your zero tier network that the devices were connected? This game that you mention allows the connection trying to search the room with an IP, if so, search with the IP that zero tier provides, do not use the IP of your router.

Yes!! Al the devices were online. I checked twice because I thought that was the problem. We were using the IP that ZeroTier provides, we all installed the app in the devices and created the vpn too.

Have you seen this
I think you might need at least one person (the host?) to be on a desktop.

I created the network from my mac. I’ll check if I create the local game in my computer it connects

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