Problems using the Apple M1 Chip on MacOS Big sur

So everything seems to work normally until I go into ZeroTier Central and it says with my device " version: -1.-1.-1" and “physical IP: unknown” in red. In ZeroTier on my Mac, it says REQUESTING-CONFIGURATION.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s because of the M1 and my operating system.

I hope yall can help.

Are you on ZeroTier v1.6.2? It was just released last night and addresses an issue with ARM chips (like the M1) specifically.

Opening and executing sudo zerotier-cli info will tell you your current version.


Totally fixed, thank you very much the website hasn’t posted the updated 1.6.2 yet so it was confusing. I appreciate your help!

How do I install v1.6.2 on Mac?

You download the pkg from and install it

Just did that, and got 1.6.1.

dreadnought:~ david$ zerotier-cli -v

Downloaded “Zerotier One.pkg” (there is also a ZerotierOne.pkg there) from:

That gave me 1.6.2.

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