Problems with Installer

With latest installer we have somo trouble to install. It create multiple entry in windows firewall and it loop without ends.

Are these rules all for the same 192.168.x.x address? Important information is cropped from the screenshot.

On my Windows 11 computer, new firewall rules for ICMP are added each time a managed address changes on a ZeroTier interface, but old rules are not removed.

This seems like a cosmetic bug and/or a Windows glitch. Extra rules are safe to delete. Keep one rule for each active address and delete the remainder.

The address is the same, the rules added are many many, i have removed by hand all rules but is not possibible to do in the same moment but step by step (2 hours). The installation is not terminated because is in loop during windows firewall setup. So i must restart again the installation. The dubt is: i will have the same problem ? I think is somethink to fix in installation packages.