Problems with route between ZeroTier and Physical Networks

I have an issue with my network setup and could use your assistance. I have configured forwarding on the ZeroTier web portal (ZeroTier Central) as follows:

  • My network IP range is

  • Configured forwarding rule: via

  • Forwarding is done using the ZeroTier adapter (ztppi4m2bo) on

From my Windows system located at, I cannot receive ICMP echo replies when pinging However, I can successfully ping the router at and ping from the router itself.

Using tcpdump, I confirmed that the ICMP echo requests are reaching, and the corresponding echo replies are being sent back to the router at The tcpdump output from demonstrates that the packets are being routed to the ZeroTier adapter (ztppi4m2bo).

However, on my Windows system at, I am not receiving these ICMP echo replies. I have already disabled the Windows Firewall, but the issue persists. When analyzing the network traffic with Wireshark on, I do not see any packets received from

The output of the ‘route print’ command on my Windows system shows the following relevant routes:

  • 291

  • 291

These routes seem to be automatically set up by the ZeroTier driver.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions to resolve this issue.

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