Professional License

Hi, a professional license should be purchased in order to make changes to the local.conf file and be accepted on my zerotier devices?. Greetings.

I’m not sure what you’re asking here. the local.conf file is just a configuration file that can be used on each machine running ZeroTier. Creating & editing that file doesn’t require anything but having ZeroTier installed to make use of.

I have been working with Zerotier on computers with OpnsenseFirewall and Opnwrt version 1.6.2 and at the time of setting the policies in the local.conf file, they are stored in the query zerotier-cli -j status but they are not being executed since yes I make the query from a peer (zerotier-cli listbonds) it keeps appearing empty that is why I wanted to know if a professional license is needed to obtain precise configuration information or if that version allows expanding the use of zerotier with policies in that file local.conf. Sorry for my English I speak very little.

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