Properly waiting for ZeroTier network interfaces to come up in systemctl

I’ve got some services that depend on zerotier interfaces to be up prior to starting (otherwise they will fail). What is the proper way to fix this? Is it possible to include zerotier in general so that applications that wait until the system network stack is up will also wait for zerotier?

You should be able to do something with the interface name.
On linux, each ZeroTier network has a unique interface name based on the network ID. It’ll be the same on across machines.

I don’t remember offhand the systemd unit config to do it.
This makes sense:

I see these units in systemctl, for example

sys-devices-virtual-net-ztqu3i555v.device                                                loaded active     plugged   /sys/devices/virtual/net/ztqu3i555v
sys-subsystem-net-devices-ztqu3i555v.device                                              loaded active     plugged   /sys/subsystem/net/devices/ztqu3i555v
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