Proposal: Add Passkeys Feature for Website Login

Hello ZeroTier Community,

I’ve been using ZeroTier for a while now, and I absolutely love the security and simplicity it offers. However, I’ve been thinking about adding an additional layer of security to our ZeroTier accounts when logging into the website.

I’d like to propose the implementation of Passkeys as the primary means of authentication for website login. This feature would work as follows:

1.	Users can enable Passkeys in their account settings.
2.	When enabled, they’d generate a unique Passkey.
3.	Instead of using a traditional username and password, users would log in using their Passkey.

This Passkey would serve as the primary method of authentication, replacing the need for a username and password. It would make it significantly more challenging for unauthorized users to gain access to ZeroTier accounts.

I believe that implementing this feature could enhance the security of ZeroTier accounts, and it aligns with the platform’s commitment to privacy and data protection.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and any suggestions you may have regarding this proposed feature. If there’s enough interest and support from the community, perhaps the developers could consider adding it to the roadmap.

Thank you for considering this proposal!

Best regards,