PS3 bridging connection from zerotier to ethernet

im having a problem when sharing the connection from from zerotier to ethernet to my ps3. my ps3 connects and is given an ip and i connect to my apache server on the other pc but i am not able to get any internet coming through my ps3 web browser and i cant connect to the playstion network.

my setup is this
wifi is connected to my router getting internet on my laptop
zeriotier adapter is sharing the connection with ethernet
this allows me to see my apache server on my other pc through my ps3 that is connected to ethernet
but theres no internet going to ps3

i have also tried jusst sharing the wifi adapter with ethernet adapter
this allows me to have internet and also can get intrenet through my ps3 which is good
but then i cant see my apache server of my other pc through the ps3 web browser.

i would like both internet and the ability to see my apache server on the other pc from ps3 connected to my laptop

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