Public and private key location on windows version 1.8.8


When i install a zerotier client i usually back-up the private and public keys, so if i have to re-image the machine, i can replace those files, reboot, and be the same zerotier client again, all automated.

I’ve read ZeroTier for Windows Local Privilege Escalation – ZeroTier and updated to 1.8.8

Can someone tell me the new location of the key files? there is one “authtoken.secret” in C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\ZeroTier but it is way shorter then the old “secret”.

Thanks for the advice,



Nothing was moved in 1.8.8. The default folder permissions were just changed.

authtoken.secret is the API key the CLI & UI use to communicate with the app backend. identity.public and identity.secret contain the public & private halves of the identity

Ok, got it. I see it now. Sorry for asking the obvious.

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