Qnap NAS QTS with ZT 1.10.1 is connected but not pingable


I have seen multiple threads with the questions why a ZT client on a NAS is connecte to ZT but cannot be pinged in any way.

As these threads were closed due to inactivity I opened a new one.

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So as a possible solution, that worked in my case was the following.

State of the NAS (TS-873A):
*Newly initialized from factory defaults
*created a volume for the system-volume
*installed Zerotier 1.10.1 according to the documentation (https://docs.zerotier.com/devices/qnap/)
*then checked the ZT network (ZT webinterface) and found the QNAP ZT client
*allowed the QNAP ZT client to access the ZT network, it showed a managed ip adress

  • tried to ping the QNAP within the ZT network from another client (ZT 1.10.6)

In essence I just rebooted the NAS and after the reboot the QNAP became pingable by it ZT IP adress.

Let me know if this helped in your case. Good Luck.

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