QNAP QTS 5.0.1 issues

based on this, which is accurate - and now closed -

Hans writes -
hi this is simpler and better and works (only x64 cant test others)
use docker first install QVPN for the tun driver

docker run -d --name zerotier-one --device=/dev/net/tun --net=host --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --cap-add=SYS_ADMIN -v $HOME/docker/zerotier-one:/var/lib/zerotier-one --restart=always zyclonite/zerotier

docker exec zerotier-one zerotier-cli join 8056c2e21c000001

or create an empty file with the network as name

is there a more “verbose” detailed explanation, than this ? Because the wonderful Zerotier 1.8.6, which works great with QNAP 5.0.0, no longer works with QTS 5.0.1, and I can’t get this “fix” to work (probably due to my ignorance on the brief explanation).

Bob Zelin

if someone knows if there is a new release on the pipeline to fix the current app not working under 5.0.1 please let me know. Thanks in advance