Qnap TS-231 with ZT 1.10.1 is connected but not pingable

Hello. I have a problem with Zerotier and QNAP - QNAP can’t ping other clients and is not pingable.

QNAP is a TS-231 ARMv7 with Firmware Build 20220526 (newest) Zerotier is zerotier_1.10.1_arm-x31.qpkg (also tried 1.8.4)

I installed QVPN and Zerotier like in QNAP NAS | ZeroTier Documentation

I joined the ZeroTier - Network and acceppted it, got an IP (ifconfig shows this IP, zerotier-cli shows also connected, zerotier-webinterfac shows also online)

I have two Win10-clients in this network. one remote and one in the same LAN like the QNAP. The Windows-clients can ping each other - QNAP cannot be pinged and can not ping the others.

So it should not be a internet-connection problem (one win10-client is in the sam LAN) - it should be a problem of the QNAP-ZeroTier

I recreated the network three times (with 172., with 10. and with 192.*)

I guess I don’t ave a firewall installed (it is not available for the TS-231) and docker is not possible.

Any ideas what could be the problem or what I missed?

Thanks, Alex

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