QNAP update instructions outdated?

I would like to update the Zerotier client on my QNAP NAS from v1.2.12 to the latest version 1.6.6 by following the instructions at QNAP NAS | ZeroTier Documentation. However, I cannot preserve my identity, because the location mentioned in the instructions (/var/lib/zerotier-one) does not exist (checked with root). Where do I find the identity.secret file to back up?


By chance did you already uninstall it before trying to back up your identities? I ask because /var/lib/zerotier-one is merely a symlink to the QNAP app-specific directory that will be removed upon uninstall. On normal systems that is a directory but it has to be a symlink on QNAP since they nuke their filesystem each reboot.

Try poking around in /share/CACHEDEV* and see if the zerotier-one app directory is still there, you might find your identities in there still.

I’ll consider updating the instructions to make this a little more clear. Thanks.

Interesting. I have not yet uninstalled the client. I thought that maybe the installation location has changed at one point with newer versions. In any case the client is up and running, reporting its status just fine to https://my.zerotier.com. My goal is actually to not loose the ip address so that I do not have to reconfigure all my other clients and connections. If this is possible, I will simply remove the old client, install the new one and then do whatever is necessary to get the old ip address back.

Since now a DNS service has been introducted, switching to a host name would be an alternative. In this case, I would have to reconfigure the network, but at least it would be a more robust solution going forward. Any pointer on how to get started (me being not a networking expert)?

Btw, in this location I only find the shares and containers I have created. The applications installed probably live in a different directory. I keep digging…

Found it: all qpkg packages get installed in a hidden .qpkg directory. In my case, ZT resides at /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/ZeroTier. In there I also find the identity.secret, so I am all good with upgrading.

Maybe this finding is worth a note in the documentation?

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Glad to hear. I’ve added a small blurb about this in the upgrading section on the docs site.

Thanks for pointing this out!

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