Random connectivity issues on Android

Hello. I have created network consisted of varius clients (mac, linux, android). Everything works well except Android (same issue on different mobiles). Although it shows connected and online, its not pingable and not pinging other VPN nodes. If i capture the traffic on linux side , i can see broadcasting, but due to Android limitations, can not see what happens on Android side.
The screen is showing tcpdump from the moment, when device is trying to ping that IP and getting timeout. What else can i do to move forward with investigation ? The screen shows tcpdump on linux side. Pinging from android that has IP, android shows request timeout. In same env normaly ping works, but often comes to this state.

In addition, android can ping to other nodes located in the same network. Nodes from the same network as android can ping remote nodes, while android can not.

And further observation is that problematic android node switched to LTE works well.
Sumarizing all together.

  1. My home network is supplied by LTE router. It doesnt get public IP, so in the end its behind double NAT.
  2. There are 3 nodes behind this LTE router (Android, Mac and Linux. The are always able to ping to one another, but quite often Android can not ping to nodes outside of this LAN,
  3. Other nodes (Mac and Linux) never face such kind of issues as Android, although they are behind the same network.

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