Raspberry pi 1.6.2 shows offline on zerotier central

I have plex media server installed on my raspberry pi 2B. To watch movies from outside my house I have zerotier on my pi. It was all running fine for about a month but for past 3 days, my pi is not showing online anymore on zerotier central. When I check zerotier-cli status in terminal, it shows online there but not able to connect other devices to my pi because it is actually offline. I dont know if it happend with an updated as I am not sure what version I was using previously. Consider me a noob coz I only get things done after reading a guide or watching a video. I do not have core knowledge in these stuff.

Don’t know the answer, but just want to say that I’m running 1.6.2 on Rpi 2B with Ubuntu Focal and it works great.

sorry for the trouble. For now, can you try sudo apt-get install zerotier-one=1.4.6 on the pi and see if that gets you up and running again?

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Thanks for the help, it works.

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