Raspberry Pi connection issues

I’m trying to set up a very simple network that allows me to use my Mac to SSH into a Raspberry Pi on a different (wireless) network. Install and configuration worked fine. I just can’t access Pi from my Mac and I’m having trouble understanding how to troubleshoot…

  • Zero-tier dashboard shows both devices online.
  • From Pi, I have verified that Zero-tier is running and connected to the network. I see the Mac in the list of peers.

And yet, pinging Pi from the Mac (using it’s assigned 10.243.xxx.xxx IP address) times out. SSH requests time out. And accessing port 8123 from a browser (home assistant) also times out. There is no firewall installed on Pi, and I can do all the above from Pi’s local network, but not from my Mac through Zero-tier.

Following some suggestions on this forum, I deleted peers from /var/lib/zero-one/peers.d. Didn’t help. I also downgraded to 1.4.6. Didn’t help either.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

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exactly the same is happening to me.

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