RDP over Zero Tier not reliable

Hi guys i’m Michele writing from Italy,

my scenario is: win11 laptop (under 4g) trying to connect to a win10 desktop (under router at home) with RDP over Zero Tier;

i am trying to use RDP over Zero Tier to connect from my laptop, that is connected to internet by smartphone, but the connection sometimes drop down and it needs a lot of attemps to reconnect;

does anyone has some suggestions to make the connection more reliable? I could also use other remote type of connection but i wanted to use RDP cause other software did not interact correctly with some other that i have in the server i need to connect to;

many thanks for any help


Indeed, the RDP connection with ZeroTier is not reliable, at least for me as well, since it produces continuous cuts or micro-cuts, something that has been happening for several months, since before it was reliable. The solution that I have given in my case is to make the ZeroTier RDP connection through a previous connection with an OpenVPN installed on the router that controls the PC to which you want to connect, although in that case it is not essential to connect with the ZeroTier IPs, since you can use the local network’s own IPs. Maybe someone can provide us with another exclusive solution for the ZeroTier network. Thanks in advance.

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Are you sure the “micro-cuts” happen due to ZeroTier and not the network connection itself?

I regularly run RDP sessions, sometimes for up to 3 days. RDP seems to handle small interruptions ( a few seconds ) by automatically reconnecting.

Yes, I am completely sure that the micro-cuts, interruptions and even lack of initial connection are caused by the ZeroTier application. I have carried out tests with Windows 10 Pro and Windows 11 Pro on several completely stable networks and internet connections and the result is always the same. In addition, all network users in different places complained about the same issue, which interrupted some procedures working with applications, forms or signing official documents, making work in general impossible. Furthermore, I have also verified that all versions from 1.10.0 to the current 1.12.1 reproduce more or less the same problem, but this seems to be resolved starting backwards from version 1.8.10 that I have connected to the network precisely in these moments, which for several hours has been totally stable. Finally, in the event that the aforementioned outages occur again over the course of hours, I will notify you again. All the best,

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i can add a new test i was able to do:

with my win11 laptop under the wifi network at office, i have less problem in connecting to my home with RDP over Zero Tier, only some drop of connection, but easely RDP reconnect to the host;

is it possible that the problem is in the 4G connection of my provider? out of my home i usually connect the laptop to the wifi network generated from my smartphone and testing connection with services like https://www.nperf.com/ it seems to be all ok, also in other type of uses i do not have any kind of problems; only rdp over zero tier remain not reliable


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