Reduce latency, temporarily disable member

Hello, I love ZeroTier. One thing has cropped up, nearly 2 GB latent traffic with no usage at all. A couple of members are on Cellphone modems and even a few hundred bytes of usage can compromise the 2GB sim data limit (I had imagined, for less than a few hundred bytes a day, 2GB a month would be overkill !). I have two questions:
(1) Anything I can do to reduce overhead ?
(2) Is it safe and sound to disable a member (ie un-Auth) temporarily at my control panel, in order to reduce or eliminate latent data, or is this inadvisable / ineffective ?
Many thanks for any advice.

The ambient data use is just part of ZeroTier and ensures other devices on your network can find & access the device as easily as possible. There’s no real way to get rid of it completely. There is a Low Bandwidth Mode you can enable that will reduce ambient traffic, however there are some caveats listed in the documentation, and it may reduce the ability to connect inbound to the machine on the cell modem. Outbound connections from the machine on the cell modem should continue to work normally, though.

De-authing the member won’t do anything to reduce the bandwidth usage.

Thanks for that. I came across Low Latency Mode just after posting the query, but was a little put off by the caveats. But the thing that stopped me trying it was that I couldn’t find an existing local.conf file under Windows ?

Thanks again.

local.conf doesn’t exist by default. You’ll have to create it. See Here for OS specific locaitons