Relayed and Direct links in ZT network

Dear community,

I set up a ZT network with three participants (A, B, C) and additionally, I set up a moon instance following the instructions from the documentation.

If I list the peers with zerotier-cli peers on the moon server, I see that the moon holds direct connections to all participants. When running the same command on the participant A, I can also see that it holds direct connections to the other participants B and C. However, if I run the command on participant B, I see that it holds a direct connection to A but a relayed connection to C. All three participants and the moon are using ZT 1.10.1. Participant A, C and the moon are using Linux, participant B is using Windows. Participants A, B and C joined the same network, the moon server did not as described in the documentation.

Am I missing any setup step here for Windows? For one Linux participant it can establish the connection and for the other it cannot. Any advice is highly appreciated.


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