Remote access problem

Remote access problem from my cell phone to my Laptop, I must mention that I am using a router that has CGNAT.
It is my understanding that ZeroTier sort of removes the CGNAT to allow remote access.
Both computers (Laptop and Cell phone) are already added to different networks with different IP addresses, both computers show me in Status OK, ONLINE and their Physical IP of each computer.
The problem is that when I put the Physical IP of the Laptop in the browser of my cell phone to access remotely, the communication is not established, that is, I do not have remote access to my laptop.
Could someone advise me or tell me why I don’t have access and what should I do to get remote access to my laptop? Thanks


ZeroTier doesn’t “remove CGNAT”. It creates a virtual network between machines.

You don’t want the “Physical IP” that is listed in the interface. That’s the IP ZeroTier is using to communicate. With both machines in question joined to the same network, you may use the “Managed IP” to access from one machine to the other.

For more info, please see our Getting Started Guide. There’s lots more information on that site in the knowledge base. Additionally there’s our documentation site here

You should use ZeroTier private IP or you could use your physical local lan IP (like 192.168.xx.xx).

For that you must create a managed route in ZeroTier Central pointing your local lan via the ZeroTier router IP.

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