Remote Access to ip cameras through W10

I have 2 IP camera at home. I want to access it through other network. Both PCs has w10.

I try with this but doesn´t work:

You need to add a managed route on ZT controller:
{your Home_LAN/24 or just Camera_LAN_IP/32} via HomePC_ZT_address
You need to add a static route on your home router:
{your ZT network} via HomePC_LAN_address

I have an ip cam with local ip
Mi home pc has the ip
Mi pc home in ZT has the ip

Managed Routes in ZT

in mi home router, i have the next static route:

I 1. Check that “packet forwarding” is enabled on all the intended windows interfaces by using Powershell:
`Get-NetIPInterface | ft InterfaceIndex, InterfaceAlias, AddressFamily, ConnectionState, Forwarding:

Both interfaces “ZeroTier” and “Local Area Connection” in this case (wifi) has -Forwarding Enabled.

But when i try to reach the ip cam in other node in diferent network but inside ZT network, is not possible.


Can you help me please?

This is your gateway that should be used in static route configuration:

Sorry, I don’t know why I shared the above image, the correct one is the following image, but it was not successful.

“packet forwarding”

Windows dont support ip fowarding i guess. U can use virtualbox (openwrt for example) and use it to share with NAT access. U can use in both of the PC

I used that way, the problem is bandwith from zerotier is very slow… :sweat_smile:

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