Remote Desktop is not reliable on zerotier using 4g LTE. Any help appreciated

Hi guys

So I’m trying to get a PC setup with zerotier where it uses a 4g USB modem as connection (LTE). The usb modem is pretty reliable however there is something going on with ZT. Sometimes remote desktop works fine and other times it doesn’t connect at all. I really really need some reliability because I may be remoting into a client’s PC and don’t want uncessary hiccups. I have Parsec installed as a backup.

Now the funny thing is - if RDP fails via Microsoft, if I use Parsec, it tends to work straight away. Then if I close Parsec and rety with RDP (Microsoft), it works straight away! It’s like using Parsec disables some kind of block on the RDP or something? Does this ring a bell?

Basically I need some reliability with RDP. Would prefer not to use parsec but that’s a backup option.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

I am no professional. But look into RDP over UDP it has immensly stabilized my RDP connection. Troubleshoot and Improve RDP Connections with UDP - NEXTOFWINDOWS.COM

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