Remote Desktop Services over Zerotier

Hi all

I have RDS running over Zerotier. This past week the connection has been abysmal, constant disconnections and quite a lag when accessing the remote sessions. Its been fine for months but this past week its been terrible.
Its not an issue with the local network nor the RDS Servers, locally everything is super fast / instant. Only when using RDS over Zerotier it is slow.

The Server is at a remote location, the main office is in a sperate location but in the same city as the Server. Its been fine for a few months.

Any suggestions on what the issue could be? I need to try the zerotier-cli peers commans as I have not yet.


What steps have you taken to diagnose the network and transport layers?

Do you have packet loss? Split routing? Checked firewall rules and router configurations? Talked to the network administrator about recent system changes?