Removal of ZeroTier breaks NIC config

Hey clever people,

I have a Windows Server 2012R2 server running Hyper-V with a selection of VM on board.

Some time ago the site got Starlink installed, which in itself broke a trouble-free experience for the users.

I then started experimenting with ZT on a guest Windows Server. I found it worked reasonably well, but the overhead on the guest Windows became an issue over time. I then (cheekily) installed it on the host, it functioned for about a week, before refusing to even start the service.

Ultimately I’d created a Linux VM and installed ZT on that. Bingo, rock solid.

My remnant issue now though, is if I remove ZT from the host server, it disables the IP addressing of the NICs. Which while the guest VMs still have internet access (weirdly), the host is unreachable. I have to attend the remote site and plug a monitor in.

There are 4 physical NICs, only two are physically cabled. However the system reports 3 x physical 331i adapters (#1, #2, #4), 2 x Hyper-V Virtual Adapters (#2 & @3) and then 2 x ZT Virtual Ports (#2 & #3).

I’d like to remove ZT from this system, but without causing disruption. I’m in a quandary.

An addendum.
When I suggested removal broke the NICs, I performed an attempt to remove ZT again. When going in to check on the settings of the Internet facing NIC, I get the following:
“In order to configure TCP/IP, you must install and enable a network adapter card.”

Although this time I was able to maintain a remote connection and reinstall and reinstate the correct IP addresses. With the exception, the ZT interface still hijacks the NIC and locks in to