Request for Speed Enhancement in ZeroTier VPN Connection

Greetings! I trust this message finds you well. We have been actively utilizing ZeroTier to streamline our VPN connectivity within the community, and we’ve generally been satisfied with the service’s performance and reliability. However, after conducting several tests, it has come to our attention that the download speed appears to be capped at approximately 20 Mbps.

Our current home internet connection boasts a maximum speed of 1 Gbps, and we believe there might be potential for achieving higher speeds with ZeroTier. We’d like to reach out to the community to inquire if anyone has experience or insights into optimizing download speeds with ZeroTier.

Here are some key details about our setup:

  • We’re using ZeroTier for VPN connectivity between 2 endpoints
  • Our home internet connection supports speeds up to 1 Gbps.
  • Despite the high-speed internet connection, we’ve observed a download speed limitation of around 20 Mbps.

We are aware that various factors can influence network performance, and we’re seeking input from the community on potential optimizations, tweaks, or settings adjustments that could help us achieve higher download speeds. If anyone has successfully addressed a similar issue or has suggestions to improve performance, your insights would be invaluable.

Looking forward to hearing from the community soon.

Best regards

Hi @matteo.hydra1234,

There’s a few exploratory questions we can work through to understand what might be going on.

  • First thing is to understand if you’re traversing ZeroTier’s network, or going directly between your 2 devices.
    • From either of your nodes, run:
      • zerotier-cli peers
    • If the 2 peers show “DIRECT” between each other, you are going directly between the endpoints. If they say “RELAY”, they’re going over ZeroTier’s network.
  • When you say your internet is a maximum speed of 1Gbps, is that for both Download and Upload?
  • What kind of devices are you running ZeroTier on at both ends?
    • What are the specs?

Hi @l0crian,

we have two devices running OpenWRT OS and they are connected each other by zerotier vpn, the devices are not located in the same network, and one of them is configured as gateway to permit the other device, located in a different site, to surf the network through the gateway device.

I hope to give you all the information that you need:

Zerotier version 1.8.4

Command output: 3******2 1.2.8  LEAF     107 DIRECT 41286    2194     *.*.*.*/45040

Zerotier version 1.2.8
On this device the argument “peers” is not present under zerotier-cli, here is the result of the command “zerotier-cli listpeers”

Command output: 200 listpeers c******f *.*.*.*/23226;6891;45926 62 1.8.4 LEAF

1.2) From the result of client commando output it seems that is direct connection
2) Yes, on the gateway device and the client device we have both almost 150Mbps in download and upload
3) The gateway device is an GLiNet GL-SFT1200 GL-SFT1200 / Opal - GL.iNet
The client device is an GLiNet GL-AXT1800 GL-AXT1800 / Slate AX - GL.iNet

Thank you so much for your support!


I have an Army of Gl.iNet routers, so I can already tell you that’s where your issue is residing. They are low powered devices. You can eek a little more out of it if you got the Flint 2 which is their best performing router right now, but likely not too much more.

For reference, the AXT1800 is a quad-core at 1.2Ghz, and ZeroTier is largely single threaded.

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