Request not showing up for joining network

Ok, so my friend requested to join my network, i went in and saw it under the authorize menu, well, i didnt know it was him trying to join, so i hit the trash can icon. On his end, it still says requesting. he canceled it, and tried again, and his request is NOT showing up anymore. I manually added him, but would like to know why i never saw his request the second time?

also, any way to put a password on the join network function so i know that its not some random person trying to join my network?


Please see the following knowledgebase article:

correct, i mentioned above thats what i did was manually added him. Now the NEW problem is that its not giving him an IP at all and says last seen 26 minutes ago with a version of -1,-1,-1

It’s possible he made a typo when trying to rejoin the network, or he’s having connectivity issues on his end.

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its possible about connectivity. we had a snow storm come in haha.

i will wait a few hours and see what happens.

thanks for the help and the article. that knowledge base has great stuff in it.

as for my second question, can i add a password to join network so i know it is someone i know that is requesting to join?

No that’s not possible.

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dang, ok, how possible is it for someone to generate my actual network 16 digit key and join?

That’s not likely at all. There are theoretically 2^64 possible network IDs

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ok, i just want to prevent myself from adding a user that requests to join and its not someone i know haha.

ok, to test, i just created a new network, added myself to it and it says unkown on all three categories of members?

Did you join it from your client? IPs won’t be assigned until a machine is actively trying to join the network AND has been authorized.

yes i did:) version finally showed up, but nothing else. Friend still cant join, just says requesting info on his end

It’s possible your friend is having connectivity issues between him and the network controllers. All I can say from this end is to have him check the output of zerotier-cli peers for the network controllers (first 10 digits of your network ID). If it says anything other than DIRECT, then his router is likely blocking direct connectivity.

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ok, i had him stop the service, reboot, and redo everything, and now he is in the network. Its when i hit delete user before i authorized him, that it locked up his end and it kept saying “requesting info” we are good now. thanks

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