I’ve been having problems regarding the app when I turn it on. It says online but when I press the network, it says “REQUESTING CONFIGURATION.” I opened central and it’s already authorized. My girlfriend can connect and she’s labelled ‘Online’, but I can’t, despite that I’m the one that created the network. We’re playing a game that needs this app to play online together.

In the picture attached, it should have a VPN symbol on top of the screen besides the Wi-Fi symbol everytime I turn it on, but today it won’t. My app is updated, I’ve restarted everything including my router, and I have no other VPN apps.

I’m a dummy when it comes to these type of things so please kindly explain to me what I need to do in simple words.



The same problem here:

It just happens with that network, I have two more without that problem. What could be happening?

EDIT: Solved by deleting and adding a new network and hosts again.

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