REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION Error. Based on this dump, is this ISP or LAN Issue?

Hello ZeroTier Community,

I’m a noob to the ZeroTier software and community, so I apologize if I missed an obvious setting or something. With that being said, I’m having an issue with one of the ZeroTier clients on a computer I’m trying to set it up on. For this example, let’s say the computer with the issue is STORE-01 and my computer is STORE-02. On my computer (Different Network and ISP) the software runs just fine and connects to the ZeroTier network. I see it in ZeroTier Central and I’ve authorized it and works smoothly. However, the same cannot be said for the STORE-02 computer. I don’t see it in ZeroTier Central or anything. I get a REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION status. I ran a tracert to STORE-01 and it seems to die within my network or my ISP’s network. It’s honestly hard to tell, because it goes outside of my modem and hit’s a 10. address which typically is private IP. Below is a link to the ZeroTier Dump. I was wondering if someone could help me dissect it and see if it’s a LAN issue or if it’s my ISP blocking the VPN.

ZeroTier-DataDump -

If you have any suggestions, it would greatly be appreciated or if you need any additional info, please let me know.

Thank you!

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