REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION On mikrotik hAP ac2 Router OS V 7.3.1

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I have this problem when adding a zerotier network to mikrotik and I have already investigated a lot and I do not see information related to this topic

If anyone has any experience on this case that can help me, not if it can affect the time of the zerotier configuration that my internet provider uses mikrotik.

Thanks I hope you can help me

Usually if you’re stuck on REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION, that means your instance of ZeroTier is having trouble contacting or receiving responses from other ZeroTier nodes. Specifically the network controller but the issue is likely not isolated to the controller.

Please ensure that port 9993 is open for bi-directional UDP traffic on the device

Had this problem on ATT fiber. Had a Nat’d address from them.

Contacted support and we were stuck.

The client had paid for a Public IP. Once that was activated… zerotier worked right away.

The way you can tell its not going to work and stay stuck on requesting configuration… look at the 3rd tab, Peer. If you don’t see connections there…

It ain’t gonna work.

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