Requests to docker container on my Zerotier client failed

Hi, I am trying to setup zt so that I can access my home services from anywhere. I have finished the basic setup on few of my devices and really enjoy the great experience so far. However, I am here because I have an issue I cannot solve by myself.

My Windows PC has docker installed. It also has Hyper-V switch enabled on its physical network adapter. There are 3 services running on it, A, B and C. A running at the host, B as a docker container, C as a Hyper-V virtual machine.

My PC is under the subnet of my router,, assigned with IP I can access all services, A, B and C, via{service_port} from other devices that are under

However, if I replace with, which is the IP assigned to my PC by zt, only service A could be accessed. Accessing B and C both results in timeout.

I’ve checked docker for windows’s settings and saw that service B is listening on should allow accessing it from other zt clients but it does not work as expected.

I did search a lot but had no luck. Hope I can get some help here. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I solved it by myself.

Instead of installing zt on the PC, I installed it to my router.

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