Required zt network interface not create at install (Linux Mint 21)

I have a Linux mint 21 running on a dell optiplex 3060 (i think that’s the right numbers) and I installed Zero tier using the curl command that download and runs a script to add the repo and then install

That all went well and the service is active and running but it did not create a new network interface to use

i have searched and found a few mentions of this from 2020 and version 1.6 but I have the latest 1.10.6

I have tried some things that were mentioned liking making sure /dev/net/tun was there and I followed instructions to create a tun interface and that worked ( i believe that is how zerotier adds the interface)

I have update the system purged the zerotier-one and then reinstalled and nothing

I have added the machine to my network on the web page but with out the interface its obvioulsy not connecting

I have two other Linux mint 21 (MATE) computers on which it is working perfectly

Any ideas on how to fix this?



Ok Doing a reply to my own post as i solved the “problem” I probably had not read the installation instructions although I am surprised I was not finding anything during my hours of searching - but the issue was that I had not joined the client to a network. I found this out by installing zerotier to a VM and seeing it had the same issue then i tried the cli join and then suddenly the ZT interface was configure and it got an ip address - so I hope this answer could help other who were as lost as me

Sorry about that. You can join multiple zerotier networks. Each network gets its own interface.

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