Retrieve Zerotier Controller Settings

I am hosting my own controller on Unraid using ztncui

Unraid uses cache disks to install the dockers but since this was through portainer stacks I have no idea where the data is stored. My cache disk became unusable and I dont know how to restore my zerotier networks etc from.

Also, I am unable to access any of the networks or clients created. I was under the impression that if a self hosted controller goes down, the individual devices can still communicate with one another and only adding new devices is not possible.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Below are the contents of the stack btw

version: “3”

    image: keynetworks/ztncui
    container_name: ztncui
      - USER_UID=99 #adjust to your system
      - USER_GID=100 #adjust to your system
      - NODE_ENV=production
      - HTTPS_PORT=3443
      - ZTNCUI_PASSWD=password  #change this
      - ztncui:/opt/key-networks/ztncui/etc
      - zt1:/var/lib/zerotier-one
      - 3443:3443 #dashboard port
      - 3180:3180

So the stack was present in the editor section of portainer. I depoyed it. And now the zerotier controller is running. But all the networks are lost. Its a clean slate. Where could this network info be restored from?

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